Past Exhibitions

Dafna Ganani

The 5th monaddigital exhibition: "Hacktist"

Pictures of the opening

- LaTurbo Avedo
- Sarah Weis
- Miyo Van Stenis
- Mattie Hillock
- Kim Asendorf
- Jefta Hoekendijk
- Rollin Leonard
- Meche Rodriguez
- Haydi Roket
- Heather Marie
- Emilio Gomariz
- H. Acosta & V.Bule
- F. Zocco & A. Doble
- Rozita S Fogelman
- Carrie Gates
- Organ Armani
- Esteban Ottaso
- Dafna Ganani

Matthieu Delourme
Organised with SPAMM

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Dafna Ganani
Oh su series, 2013
Digital media (gifs)

My art work engages received representational conventions to reproduce a body in female terms, attainable for interaction in cyber format _ by clicking, touching, downloading the digital component of whitch it is coprised; desirable through reiterated received convention/s, objectified to the extend of rendering both artifice and its critical performative stance. I use my own body for this work quite often, but also the bodies of my friends, colleagues and other people I know.





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