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LaTurbo Avedon

The 5th monaddigital exhibition: "Hacktist"

Pictures of the opening

- LaTurbo Avedo
- Sarah Weis
- Miyo Van Stenis
- Mattie Hillock
- Kim Asendorf
- Jefta Hoekendijk
- Rollin Leonard
- Meche Rodriguez
- Haydi Roket
- Heather Marie
- Emilio Gomariz
- H. Acosta & V.Bule
- F. Zocco & A. Doble
- Rozita S Fogelman
- Carrie Gates
- Organ Armani
- Esteban Ottaso
- Dafna Ganani

Matthieu Delourme
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LaTurbo Avedon
Final Fantasy
Video (2:00min), 2013


everything has changed
and the jay-z song was on

every time they turn the lights down
we flying first class, up in the sky
no one sleeps
i stand here, waiting for you
in the neon lights

this is real
popping bottles in the ice, like a blizzard
making my way downtown
It's all I've got to keep myself sane, baby
this is the rhythm of the night
a vision of ecstasy

I can see the stars all the way from here
We're living in a material world
potent fusions, and dangerous possibilities

We're going round in circles
sooner or later the fever ends
and then it falls

and then i fall


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