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5ft WebExpo: "Hacktist"
organise with SPAMM

- Miyo Van Stenis
- Dafna Ganani
- Mattie Hillock
- Carrie Gates
- Helena Acosta
- Heather Marie
- Rozita S Fogelman
- Ellectra Radikal
- Meche Rodriguez
- Organ Armani
- Haydi Roket
- Rollin Leonard
- Kim Asendorf
- Emilio Gomariz
- Agent Doble
- Esteban Ottaso
- ...

Systaime & M. Delourme

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Artist of the multimedia and the networks, Systaime is the founder of the movement French Trash Touch (created in
1995, stopped in 2003), member of " the international échantillonniste"
In 2011, he is the inspirator and the founder of the Spamm, the Museum of the Super Modern Arts. He co-establishes
with the team of Spamm and Creative Arte the Web platform: Spamm.arte.tv.
In Mars 2013, he organizes the exhibition Spamm Cupcake in New York at invitation of Marc Brown.




Matthieu Delourme

(French in China)

Matthieu Delourme is a french contemporary artist working on internet between France and China. Currently in Hangzhou, China. (Shanghai area) (Phd New Media, China academy of art). He is the creater of Monaddigital.net.










Mercedes Rodriguez


Soy Meche Rodriguez y formo parte del universo de las narraciones transmedia, de un tipo de relato donde la historia se despliega a través de múltiples medios y plataformas de comunicación. La cultura y la memoria , la imaginación y el mundo de los sueños son las razones por las cuales he centrado mi vida en las creaciones visuales. Investigación, arte interactivo, glitch , netart y el videomapping 3D; soy una artista audiovisual y utilizo todo y cualquier cosa para crear.




Dafna Ganani

(United States)

Graduated from the Visual Arts Dept. Goldsmiths College of London University in 2007 with a PhD  (http://eprints.gold.ac.uk/178/1/ART-Ganani-thesis-v2_GRO.pdf). Work history includes art teacher, decorative painter, creative director/consultation & property management.




Kim Asendorf


Kim Asendorf is a conceptual artist and works in a large area of media and digital related art. Kim did several net art projects, often based on data taken from the Internet or gathered from other individuals through the Internet. He works very experimental with generative strategies, physical computing, data and glitch. Most of his works leads into installations, sculptures, visualizations and abstract geometric art, but also into applications, animated gifs or noisy sounds.




Rozita S Fogelman

(United States)

Conceptual, abstract-expressionist, colorist, minimalist, avant-garde, anti-war environmental activist. I work with elements, language and abstraction; using contemporary and traditional media: dealing with abstract representational often triggered by language, and experimental use of multi-media, times study of a single hue or a minimal form of structure, I love to try exploring metaphysics concepts.



Mattie Hillock

(United States)

Born in Harvey, IL. Classically trained in all mediums, having been involved in
programs within institutions including: SAIC, KCAI, Cooper Union, & Chicago Academy for the Arts. Received a degree
in painting from Pratt Institute. He is now living and working in NY.





Esteban Ottaso


Esteban Ottaso, is a visual artist. Born in Paraná (ER), Argentine. His work based on Internet has been exhibited in many cities, Paris (FR), New York (US), Toronto, Vancouver (CA), Berlin, Nürnberg (DE), Bogotá (CO), Caracas (VE). Known mostly for his work online, also dedicated to traditional practices in the world of art, such as photography and sculpture. He holds a BFA in Sculpture.





Miyo Van Stenis


My work explores from technological interfaces, the operating systems, softwares and other devices involved in the Internet everyday making them my aesthetic material. The existing interest in representing the relationship between humans and machines, poetry and computational science, turn my investigation in to a experimental work where the machine is expressing itself, as a kind of hyperbolic reflection of their world.







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