Past Exhibitions


The 6ft monaddigital exhibition:"Net-Recycling"

Pictures of the opening

- Nick Briz
- Anthony Antonellis
- Jan Robert Leegte
- Kim Laughton
- Systaime
- Doubleluckiness
- Frere Reinert
- Ellectra Radikal
- Miyo VanStenis
- GrandLapin
- Mario Santamaria
- Ying Miao
- Romain Courtois
- Dominik Podsiadly
- Rollin Leonard
- Carrie Gates
- Elena Garnelo
- Haydi Roket

Matthieu Delourme

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reanimate, the app that promises to make you live forever! , 2014






Reanimate, the app that promises to make you live forever! rendered video, by doubleluckiness, beijing, 2013­2014 For the 6th WebExpo under the theme "Net­Recycling", doubleluckiness will present their reanimate app. The reanimate app was developed for the purposes of the designboom competition "design for death", 2013. It is an app that recycles the online data of a deceased person to rebuild an active online avatar representing him on web 2.0. The concept itself has been recycled and revamped by doubleluckiness to fit the context of the monaddigital exhibition. Using a rendered environment, Robert Crow, the first person to have ever been reanimated, gives us a glimpse of the digital afterlife. Please visit reanimateapp.tumblr.com for more informtion about the app. doubleluckiness We arz doubleluckiness. We arz 2 lucky conjoined twin cats that are digitally confined within PRCs' Great Firewall. We wilz soon escape and roamz wildly into the internetz. Fear the most dangerous cats in China! Our work explores the relationship between postcapitalist China and luck as perfomance. With influences as diverse as trolling and Sketchup, new combinations are created from both simple and complex meanings. Even since we were students we have been fascinated by the ephemeral nature of digital intercourse. What starts out as vision soon becomes corrupted into a tragedy of temptation, leaving only a sense of decadence and the prospect of a new reality. As temporal impressions become transformed through boundaried and personal practice, the viewer is left with a statement of the edges of our world.



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