Past Exhibitions

7ft WebExpo: "FlaNetrie"

The 7ft monaddigital exhibition: "FlaNetrie"

Pictures of the opening

- Rick Silva
- Kim Laughton
- N.Maigret & I.Murit
- GrandLapin
- Miyo Van Stenis
- Ynfab Bruno
- Meche Rodriguez
- Elena Garnelo
- Chase Starr
- Mario Santamaria
- Systaime
- Nicole Killian
- Yangculer
- Frere Reinert
- Zsolt Mesterhazy
- Karina Palosi
- Haydiroket
- Dominik Podsiadly
- Ellectra Radikal
- Theoklitos Trian
- Esteban Ottaso
- Dijana Mijatovic
- Radovan Misovic

- Matthieu Delourme

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Monadddigital and Monad Art space are organizing the 7ft Monaddigital exhibition :

“ Flanetrie ”

If you are interested, please submit the artwork before January 22, 2015. Artworks will be presented the January 24, 2015, at the Nomade Art Space in Hangzhou, China and the online opening is scheduled for January 25, 2015 on Monaddigital webpage.


Baudelaire called Flânerie the fact to wander into the city, even if we can not physically get inside the network, we do have the impression to dawdling into it. Let’s call it a ‘Flanetrie’.
- Matthieu Delourme



We are looking forward to discover your artwork!